Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thirteen on Thursday- D

1. Daughters- I have two and they are both so special to me. My bookends I call them. One in front and one caboose. Also, I am a daughter to the best dad on earth.
2. Dad- My stepfather is the man I call dad. Funny how you don't have to be realted to someone whom loves you and you love so much.
3. Diet- one four letter word I hate but should be on.
4. Dancer- I thought I had given that part of my life up after children but now my daughter has resurrected that area. I am now teaching dance to the sweetest 4 girls in my life.
5. Dogs- I have 2 and it is a like/hate relationship. I like that my kids have them but I hate having to care for them.
6. Deaf- I have partial hearing loss in my right ear. Now you know why I am so loud.
7. Debate- something I love to do about religion, politics and healty eating.
8. Desks- something my children NEVER sit at to do school.
9. Diapers- cloth to be exact. I love my cloth diapers. I am now offically a freak in the world of mommies.
10. Disappear- the way I feel sometimes. Just long enough to miss people. Then I shall return.
11. Diving- I HATE WATER. The deep ocean kind. Not the bathing kind. I would never choose to dive and or be in any situation that would call for me to have a breathing tank strapped to my back.
12. Dolls- I was never a doll girl but I have 2 girls whol LOVE their dolls. For my dd 10th birthday we went to Chicago just to see the American Girl doll factory. It was so fun. Now this January we are going to the American Girl facotry in Atlanta. So we LOVE our dolls 'round here.
13. Drama- with 4 children and a shiftwork husband I have more than I need in life. But I wouldn't change it for anything.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fourteen on Friday "C"

1. Cats- allergic to them. I can tell if you have one within 15 minutes of being in your home.
2. College- never graduated though I am 1 year or so away from having 2 degrees. One in education and the other in sign launguage.
3. Chocolate- MUST HAVE OFTEN
4. Chicago- The furthest north I have been thanks to American Girl.
5. Calculator- cannot do math without it.
6. Campfire- once I witnessed my husband start one with paper towels, hairspray and a lighter. TRUE
7. Candels- only soy and I LOVE them.
8. Capes- whenever I see one on a small child I keep my car keys and insurance card handy. ;) previous experience
9. Car- my first one was a chevy corsica. I got it at 16 and didn't have a liscence. Got it soon after and drove my mom to phsyical therapy.
10. Cashier- my first job at Stein Mart. So I could pay for the car.
11. Catfish- yummy. I love me some thin fried catfish.
12. Cheerleader- I was one but ONLY on account of my LOUD voice and large thighs. I was needed to hold up the skinny girls and be heard. TRUE
13. Chef- I would love to own a bakery and have a speical tea room for girls.
14. Christ- my Rock and Redeemer.

Friday, August 28, 2009

14 B's

OK April, you are on. Here is my 14 on Friday.

1. Bible- I love it and don't read it enough. It is my roadmap for life. I strive to hide it in my heart.
2. Barraco- my last name.
3. Babies- I have 4. All different sizes and ages. I always wanted 6.
4. Braces- never had them and I have had straight teeth my whole life.
5. Backflips- what I used to be able to do in gymnastics. Not anymore.
6. Backpacks- things I don't have to pack so my children can go to school in the morning.
7. Blogging- I'm new to it and not that great at it. It keeps the families informed and hopefully feeling they are more connected to us from far away.
8. Baker- self professed. I LOVE to bake but NEVER without a recipe.
9. Ballet- I danced for over 18 years. Now my daughter(who has never taken one class) is obsessed with. I even bought her toe shoes (four sizes too small to ensure she can't put them on her feet) to decorate her room with. It has made me nostalgic to remember those days.
10. Balloon- I HATE THEM. All kinds. They are hopsital visits waiting to happen.
11. BBQ- love to eat it. Hate to smell like it.
12. Bells- the sound I love to hear at Christmas.
13. Bath- something I don't get everyday since having a baby and a shiftwork husband.
14. Blessings- Too many in my life to count. I could try but would run out of time. Thank you Lord for being better to me than I deserve.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Menu for this week

Sunday- roast chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots
Monday- Chef salad, homemade bread sticks/ Rice Krispies
Tuesday- Baked ziti pasta, garlic bread, broccoli/ Peanut Butter cookies
Wednesday- Chicken noodle soup (kids asked for it), rolls/ Pudding pops
Thursday- Bacon sandwiches, fruit, tator tots/chocolate cake
Friday- Grown up grilled cheese( will post pix and recipe), tomato soup/ ice cream
Saturday- Taco ring, black beans, cinnamon chips

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday 13- A's

I am such a rule breaker. I saw my friend Jenn posting this 13 thing and loved it. Now I want to play. (said whining) So I'm not in any official group so I'm gonna play on my own terms. Plus I am waaaaay to type A to start with F. So here it goes.

1. Allison- my name
2. April- the name of my sister and BF
3. Altha- my mom's name
4. ADD- the medical term for the way my brain functions
5. American- and darn proud of it
6. Amazed- at how fast children grow
7. Addict- my relatioship with chocolate
8. Admire- the way I look at people who aren't loud like me
9. Abdomen- the part of my body that may NEVER recover from 4 children
10. Above- the direction of my face looks most days
11. Adress- have lived at my current one the longest in my marriage of 14 years
12. Ant- what I currently have crawing through a kitchen window and won't let my hubby kill with pestisides
13. Attitude- well let's just end with enough said

That was fun and hard. Y'all play too.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Anna Rose

Yes. It has already been a year. I sit here typing, crying already at the wonderful, scary road it took to get my sweet Anna Rose here to us.

The night she was born, I couldn't feel her move. It had been over an hour and she just wasn't moving. My precious mother, who stayed with us that night while Pat worked, brought me immediately to the hospital. After 6 miscarriages I couldn't come this far and lose my baby. When we got to the hospital, they told me she looked good on the monitor but wanted the Dr. to check me. After the Dr. did she asked if I was in pain. I said "no." I was 7 1/2 cent. Time to call hubby. She was born 3 hours after we got to the hospital. I cried for 15 minutes repeating "I can't believe she is here. " Lord, thank you for her. She is precious to us in so many ways. I cannot wait to watch her grow and learn. She seems so big already yet so innocent. Her eyes are trusting and mischievous all at the same time. That lil' rascal. Here's to you Anna.

Mom, thanks for being there for me. ALWAYS. I couldn't have done it a year ago without you. Just as I cannot make it a day without talking to you. I love you.

Enjoy some picture from beginning to now. Just pause the playlist so you can hear the music.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Barracos and Beignets

We went to mom and dad's this week and went to go get baby G's first beignets. We LOVE these sugary coated heartattacks on a plate. Who wouldn't? I also love the fact that sugar is supposed to get all over the place. The children hadn't been here in quite a while.

The children got hats as is standard here.

My awesome parents enjoying the madness that comes along with a son-in-law, 4 children, sugar and spilt chocolate milk.

Then the rain came. I won't bore you with pictures of that. But as the wind blew, it reminded them of a naughty little tradition we have. You MUST blow powdered sugar on the brother/sister you love the MOST.

Let's just say.....I don't think this one will be her last. Isn't life great.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rainbow Buffet

Not the most exciting post but this is what our children call Rainbow Buffet. It is all veggies and fruits. Now we usually eat this when dh is working nights, as he is now. I now serve this with a baked potato and the children LOVE it. We usually do vegetarian at least 2 nights a week. I figure what ever they eat is good for them.

Red-strawberries and tomatoes

Orange-carrots and cheeseaa(not pictured b/c it was consumed before photo)

Yellow- pineapple

Green-cucumber and celery

Purple- blueberries and plums

Brown-baked potato or bread sticks

I usually serve something super yummy like brownies for dessert. Anyway. Just wanted to share

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bird Craze

We would like you to meet the newest pet in our family. The craze begins and ends with best friends of ours. They have 4 birds and Gabbi loves playing with them when we go to their house. Anyway, her name is Gewel (pronounced Jewel) We had to keep in line with the G thing you know. She loves sitting on Gabbi's shoulder. We are all enjoying her. Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Menu for this week

Monday- Chicken Piccata (southern living) egg noodles and brown sugar carrots/pudding
Tuesday-French Toast, sausage/fruit
Wednesday-Rainbow Buffet(vegetarian tray)/ brownies
Thursday-Red beans(Yes Tracy I know, not on Thurs) it couldn't be avoided/ cookies
Friday-Taco bar/cinnamon tortilla chips
Saturday-hamburgers/homemade ice cream
Sunday-BBQ chicken in the crockpot(hubby working)/leftover ice cream if any LOL

Monday, June 22, 2009

Menu for this week

Monday- Meatball sandwiches with carrots sticks/ Desset- c.c cookies
Tuesday-Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, peas/Brownies
Wednesday-Jambalya, salad, homemade rolls/grahams
Thursday-Hamburgers, sweet potatoes, corn/berries and pound cake
Friday-Homemade pizza, salad/popcorn

Monday, June 8, 2009

Menu for this week

Monday- Quesidillas, yellow rice, corn

Tuesday-Red beans, rice, green beans, corn bread and Best Friends(we aren't eating them LOL)

Wednesday- Baked Ravioli, garlic bread, broccoli

Thursday- BBQ chicken, baked beans, baked macaroni, brown sugar carrots

Friday-Chef Salad, garlic bread

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Family is Growing......

Now I know all of you think you getting great news about a new Barraco baby but...........sorry :(

We just started our new garden. Just one more of my green living ways to check off my wish list. We are going the Square Foot Garden type.

I have dragged my butt long enough. I have always wanted to have a garden but NEVER had the time/money or desire to dig up the hard Louisiana soil. I have had the box built for a month. I also have had dying vegetable on my patio table crying out to me daily to keep them alive. It took me this long to get my soil. It didn't cost much. I cannot wait to see my veggies start to grow. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, bell pepper and marigold to keep 'squitos away. We plan to put in pumpkins in July for the fall and some other things. I also plan on putting in a box for the children. I might tye in an object lesson on sin being like weeds in a garden. If we don't confess our sin or pull out the weeds in our garden it chokes life. Hmmmmmm.

I'll keep you updated on the growing. Of children and veggies.

2 posts in a day. Don't faint y'all.

I took pictures but cannot find my cord to upload. Grrrrrr. I'll post some before/afters when I find the cord. TTFN

Menu for this week

Monday- baked penne pasta, garlic bread, spinach sald

Tuesday- kabobs

Wednesday- anniversary (who knows)

Thursday- breakfast

Friday- pizza with salad

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The pillowcase dress

I have always wanted to make a pillowcase dress. I sewed B.C. I used to love it. Well I finally got the Minnie dress done for baby G just in time to leave for Disney World on Sunday. Whatcha think? Oh, let me plug my honey. If it weren't for my hubby I wouldn't have been able to do this. He gave me an hour and lots of encouragement. I love you Pat.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lessons all over the place

Welcome back. No. Haven't been crying that long. 2 things.
1.) The save to draft button.......very important.
2.) Don't hit the back button. NEVER.

God is still on His throne. Amen? Well, the lessons keep on coming. God is doing so much in my life I am afraid if I post I might be considered "odd". OK if you know me, odder than normal. I struggle with time to do the things I want. Notice I didn't say need to do. There are just things in my day I would like to do and PBJ sandwiches and laundry aren't always it.

God is so faithful. Why His eyes stop on me I'll never know but His word says they do. He saw me that fateful day crying in my laundry room and He knew I needed a touch from Him. He touch was a small smack in the head with the Word. It goes something like this... Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.
We hear it alot but we need to be aware of the words AND the order.

Seek Him. We really could just stop there. Seek isn't passive. It is an action word. Seek Him by reading the Word, then just listen to what He says. He speaks to us by friends, pastors, spouses and if you are really bad like me, your children. OUCH.. Anyway. Seek Him and the things that please Him and then all these things. I believe when you spend your time seeking Him the other things just fall into place. I know this to be true. I cannot tell you I am in the Word like I want to be but I do spend more time talking and even more listening. Our pastor said that prayer should be the knee jerk reaction for a Christian. I believe he is right. I pray about the smallest and biggest things now. It pays.

Sounds strange but now I seem to have time for making baby food( hush I love doing it), playing games with the children and other things I never had time for. I told you none of this is for you. It is for me. I really am trying to live for the Lord. It is so hard because I seem to get in the way of Him all the time. I pray He sees my heart and finds it to be a worthy place to live. I want Him to have all the dried up, old way, empty places in there are bring His healing salve to it and renew it. If my heart is where He lives shouldn't I take more time preparing it than the "earth suit" I inhabit. Hmmmmmm..............................

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lessons from laundry part 1

Don't freak out. This isn't about how to make homemade laundry soap or something weird about cloth dipaers (although I am into both of those). This is something the Lord has shown me while staring into my washing machine while it was on spin cycle. Normally you cannot see the spin cycle unless you have a broken machine. As I do.

Anywho....Now the normal question is WHY??? Why am I staring at my spin cycle....I was having a...hmmmm mommy moment. I needed quiet, lonley place no one would step into and my children know if they stepped in there I would give them something to do.

I was neck deep in guilt over things that appear to be failure to me. When the children don't listen, when they fuss about not wanting to do a report. I consider them failures on my part. So I stepped into the laundry room and looked into my spin cycle and thought that was what my life felt like. Like I had no control over it and as I said these words "Lord DO YOU SEE ME?". I heard Him say that He saw me and I was right. I really DON'T have control over my life. (Pause) After I let that soak in there was some peace in that. If He gave me control, could I do better.... ummmm....NO.

There really is peace knowing that He knows the beginning and the end. The Word says in 2 Peter 1:3 His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. OK. So everything I need can be found in Him. I need to stop there. Stop trying to find my goodness or not so goodness in MY works, failures and such. I am beautiful to Him. That is all I need to know.

The Lord didn't stop there but I will....I have some other great wisdom that a sister shared with me during sweet prayer time at church tonight. It just confirms what the Lord is showing me about leaning on Him for ALL we need.

I know this post really isn't for you. It is for me. I just need a space to put it all down. If it blesses you praise Him. I am glad just to be a vessel.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nature walks and falling asleep

Nothing big to you but today was the first day my baby fell asleep without crying herself there. I am slightly attached parenting in my approach to mothering so letting her "cry it out" is hard for me. We are only doing it during the day and will tackle night next. I hope(fingers crossed) Pray for me.

OK. Nature walks. Charlotte Mason would be proud of me. I had so much fun with the boys just watching them watch nature. They picked up rocks, leaves and other things I told them NO to. Glass and bottle tops.

So sweet. They really DO love each other

My cutie and his "smooth" rock

Grayson about to kick an ant pile. Boys.

No sisters on this walk. Just the boys.
Lord thank you for opportunity to teach my children and watch them grow and learn. I am humbled daily by the task and hope to do it to your glory.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


An evening view from my front door. 3 days in a row Tracy. Whatcha think?

Monday, March 2, 2009


What in the world.........Ok let me explain. To you this is just a picture but no. To us it is the wonderful way to countdown our days to the Happiest place on earth. This is a picture of our Disney Chain. It represents the 62 days left until our trip. It helps to let the children "see" what 62 days looks like. When you go every two years you need to spice things up some. We each wrote what we cannot wait to do, ride or remember about the trip. Craziness I know. I would put a ticker on here if I knew how. Tracy, HELP!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

365-5 Loser me

In our front yard. Her 6 1/2 month picture. I love her. All I can say.

Menu for this week

I am a loser. I know I haven't been on here in forever. Almost 7 month old still.....not.....sleeping.... but we HAVE been eating. ;)

Monday- Spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread
Tuesday- Jambalaya, salad and homemade rolls
Wednesday- Eat at church
Thursday- Roasted BBQ chicken, smashed potatoes, green beans
Friday- Taco Ring, yellow rice and beans

Just to let you know, I make my meal plans for breakfast and lunch and snack. I have to controll myself to NOT post them. Sick. I know..

Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu for this week

This week for dinner we have

Monday-Chicken Fettucini alfredo with broccoli and flavored olive oil to dip bread

Tuesday-Hamburgers, fries and sweet potatoes

Wednesday- eat at church

Thursday-French Toast with sausage (daddy works nights)

Friday-Parents Night out (daddy working agian.....anyone free for a night out???)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The vet's office field trip

The girls after the vet's
Gabe in the assistant area

Grayson looking at x-rays

Today we went on a field trip with our homeschool group to the vet's office. The children had so much fun. We got to see a female dog having surgery. "cool, yuck and mom, I want to leave" we all of the responses to seeing that. We toured the dental area, got to see X-rays and hotel rooms for dogs. No really. Air conditioned and all. Oh I didn't mention the TV's in their private rooms with CABLE. Idon't even have cable. I digress. We went to lunch at some sweet woman's home who was brave enough to host a handful of moms and 55 children... not really but close. My children had fun and got plenty of fresh air and sunshine. They needed both of those things. What a blessing it is to be home and share these experiences with them. Enjoy the pix


This one was taken at the vet's office today. I don't know if you can see the bumblebee right below the flower. Those little things are super fast.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my daughters pix

OK I cannot lie...well. My daughter took these in our yard yesterday. Here is some of her work. The girl is good at everything she does. She doesn't get it from me. Enjoy

365-2 Not red but cute

She isn't red but the cutest thing I could find. Tee hee. I am biased... Whatcha think?

Which one you like better?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Menu for this week

Thanks Tracy for the idea. Great one. We might inspire each other.. Culinarilly that is...

Monday- Red beans, rice, cornbread (only on Monday you know who!!)
Tuesday- Sloppy Joes, tator tots, corn
Wednesday- eat at church
Thursday- Chicken alfredo with fetuccini or tortellini, broccoli and homemade bread
Friday- Homemade Pizza, salad, brownies

Saturday, January 17, 2009

365* (probably not but will try)-1

OK, January 17 2009. I recieved a digital camera for Christmas. After all the whining, complaining, huffing and sighing(see kids it does work) I got one. The only thing I have used it for is having a slide show for my my screen saver and facebook. Alas, the photographic inspiration of my fellow homeschooling moms(and fellow bloggers) has paid off. I have taken a shadow picture. Not great. Some of us don't have a 5 mm lens(or whatever it is that Tracy has) This is it. Here it goes. Be gentle with comments. My ego is still in post-birth mode. ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009

The power of a name

Now if you thought I would be talking about Jesus I am not~ and I am. I have to share a story about what happened in church on Sunday. Something to ponder and be reminded of.

We were having our "grip and grin" time as we Baptists like to call it. During that time I sought out a Vietnamese woman who isn't saved and visiting our church. I said " Good morning Aay" pronounced long A. She grabbed my hand and said " you know my name." I went on to say I remembered meeting her one day and smiled. She went on to say "yes but when you said my name I got goose bumps."

Wow!!! Who knew just saying someones name can do that? Do we really take the time to KNOW someone and care about them. Do we look look them in the eye and care. I am challenging myself to not just do that at church but what about the lady checking out my groceries at Walmart or the librarian. I hope to give that feeling to those outside and INSIDE my house.

Do my kids know that I care about them and what they say!! Eye contact and real concern for others. It could change things big time.