Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu for this week

This week for dinner we have

Monday-Chicken Fettucini alfredo with broccoli and flavored olive oil to dip bread

Tuesday-Hamburgers, fries and sweet potatoes

Wednesday- eat at church

Thursday-French Toast with sausage (daddy works nights)

Friday-Parents Night out (daddy working agian.....anyone free for a night out???)


Tracy said...

It's the Berean Co-op's Mom's nite out want to go with me?

weirfamilyblog said...

Sorry I'm not free. Wish I were though!! Your menu sounds great. I haven't made french toast in a while. Want to send me your recipe??

Tracy said...

I gave you something on my Homeschool blog!

Amy Bayliss said...

What are you cooking this week, my dear?