Monday, March 29, 2010

Planting love

What a blessing they are. Gabbi waiting "Forever" (in her words) for a sister. With two brothers back to back and my hubby one of 5 boys with only one sister, we weren't sure our last pregnancy would produce another girl. Well she has been here 19 months and I don't know what we did without her for 13 years. Gabbi and Anna Rose have a special relationship (as all sisters should). Gabbi is Anna's second mom. The only one other than me that can put her to sleep. You know, really important stuff.

The other day Gabbi was planting some sunflower seeds and Anna had to help. Then it turned into "smoochy" time. Don't you love those puckered up lips.
Sweetness. I love my girls.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The face of Tourette's

What does Tourette's look like? son Gabe has Tourette's. There....I said it. I used to be so scared to even think he had it. Our journey with this disorder has, looking back, about a year in the making. Gabe started just popping his head back. Which aggravated me to no end. I took it as him just having a habit. Then the noises came. Tics is the proper medical term. We took it as him just being a boy. Boys make noises. Great noises I might add. I don't know how they do it...I digress.

It wasn't until I woke up in the middle of the night in December that it hit me. I remember a friend of mine telling me her her daughter was diagnosed with Tourette's. I knew it. I knew he had it. Well, a couple of days after that dream Gabe has his appendix removed and I told myself "I'll make that neurologist appointment soon." I didn't. I didn't make it until after our trip to Disney in February. His tics were so bad when we got back. During our appointment the neurologist told us that tics get bad with lack of sleep and excitement. Well that is Disney in a box. :)
Gabe cried in the office saying, "Mommy I can stop the noises." Then I cried. The Dr. said he could for a while but it was like a hiccup. It would have to come out eventually.
Where are we now...Well. We are researching some vitamin/food therapy choices. We won't cure it. We just hope to make it better for him. Being home schooled others don't have access to him. That is good now because kids are just mean. I thought about if he were in school how would kids tease him. He is getting ready to play baseball. I want him to have fun but pray he doesn't get teased. My momma claws just might come out.
But one thing I do know...God made Gabe for His glory. Tics and all. So my prayer daily is "Lord save my sanity with this child" (he has ADHD tendencies which is cocktailed with Tourette's) then I smile and say "I love you him Lord but you love him more." I pray that I am enough of a good mom to care for him and give him what he needs to be all the Lord has for him. So the beautiful chaos just got kicked up a notch. I still wouldn't trade it for anything....