Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fourteen on Friday "C"

1. Cats- allergic to them. I can tell if you have one within 15 minutes of being in your home.
2. College- never graduated though I am 1 year or so away from having 2 degrees. One in education and the other in sign launguage.
3. Chocolate- MUST HAVE OFTEN
4. Chicago- The furthest north I have been thanks to American Girl.
5. Calculator- cannot do math without it.
6. Campfire- once I witnessed my husband start one with paper towels, hairspray and a lighter. TRUE
7. Candels- only soy and I LOVE them.
8. Capes- whenever I see one on a small child I keep my car keys and insurance card handy. ;) previous experience
9. Car- my first one was a chevy corsica. I got it at 16 and didn't have a liscence. Got it soon after and drove my mom to phsyical therapy.
10. Cashier- my first job at Stein Mart. So I could pay for the car.
11. Catfish- yummy. I love me some thin fried catfish.
12. Cheerleader- I was one but ONLY on account of my LOUD voice and large thighs. I was needed to hold up the skinny girls and be heard. TRUE
13. Chef- I would love to own a bakery and have a speical tea room for girls.
14. Christ- my Rock and Redeemer.