Monday, June 14, 2010

The recipe for a homeschooling summer

The alternate title to this post is "Why hasnt' Allison been blogging?"

If you know more than one homeschooler you know they don't always do things the same. Some school like a public school. Some whenever it fits them. We are the latter. This year, as last, we began school in February and will go until November. The summers are brutal anyway right? I haven't posted in so long for many reasons. Life has a beautiful way of getting in the middle of our life. Basically we have been living and not stopping long enough to update our blog. So here is what we have been up to. A queer mixture of life around the Barraco's. So how does one survive summer homeschooling 3 children and wrangeling an almost ( GASP) 2 year old... our recipe a homeschooling summer
  • Begin with preheating your outdoor tempurture to 95 (heat index of 106) Summers in Lousisina

  • Then get your ingredients (childen) Seperate your ingredients youngest to oldest.

  • Anna Rose- eating watermelon. Does anything say summer more than that? Ok, homemade ice cream. mmmmm

  • Next we add Gabe. This one is easy. Add root beer and whisk in a swimming pool. Happy child.

Grayson is up next. Oh my. Caterpillar, butterfly mania remains. So here is Grayson doing his thang. Well, it's not Grayson but his butterfly that we rescued from Grandmother's enclosed pool area. What would that butterfly had done if Grayson and I had not freed it? Here he is... my sweetie

Gabrielle. Sprinkle in some silliness, friends and loving her sister. What more could the mother of a teenager ask for. Marnitate that until she is 18. :) She is such a sweetie. I love her.

Finally, stir in mom and dad who are just LOVING life with children. I never could be thankful enough for these sweet gifts. Bake all this goodness and enjoy. Oh, no good pictures of me just daddy and his baby girl. ;)