Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monarch Madness

Madness. Webster's 1828 dictionary states the definition as distration; a state of disordered reason in which the patient raves or is furious. Well, I don't know about Grayson being furious but distrated. YES. (me screaming while pulling hair). Let's just say that schoolwork has been spotty all but reading about caterpillars, butterflies and moths. This is a new fastination of his but man, has he got it bad. We bought some milkweek from the nursery and it had 2 caterpillars on it. Wow. What a gift. So we brought it home, planted it and watched the little creatures grow.

Here, Grayson is studying and drawing the caterpillars. Dedication I tell you. But isn't that the beauty of homeschooling. One of them at least. Well, after watching them grow for about a week Grayson went to go check on them and one was gone. He was heartbroken but I assured him it was the beauty of how God made them. I said "Gray, isn't it amazing that they just know what to do. I mean they don't have to go to Home Depot and take a class on how to build their home." Grayson didn't find that amusing. But he still had ONE left. That ended the next day. Two caterpillars gone and one little boy whose heart was broken.

Fast forward to this morning. I told him I'd help him look around our ONE ACRE of land for a chrysalis. AAAAAAGGGGG. I read that they don't go farther than 30 feet so off we go. All day we looked. Finally after 3 this afternoon Grayson finds one under the fence post. What? Only him. Awesome Gray. Here it is

Wait. He found the other. On top by the eave of our gutters. What a blessing. Now we're off to buy more milkweed. Wouldn't you?