Thursday, July 23, 2009

Barracos and Beignets

We went to mom and dad's this week and went to go get baby G's first beignets. We LOVE these sugary coated heartattacks on a plate. Who wouldn't? I also love the fact that sugar is supposed to get all over the place. The children hadn't been here in quite a while.

The children got hats as is standard here.

My awesome parents enjoying the madness that comes along with a son-in-law, 4 children, sugar and spilt chocolate milk.

Then the rain came. I won't bore you with pictures of that. But as the wind blew, it reminded them of a naughty little tradition we have. You MUST blow powdered sugar on the brother/sister you love the MOST.

Let's just say.....I don't think this one will be her last. Isn't life great.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rainbow Buffet

Not the most exciting post but this is what our children call Rainbow Buffet. It is all veggies and fruits. Now we usually eat this when dh is working nights, as he is now. I now serve this with a baked potato and the children LOVE it. We usually do vegetarian at least 2 nights a week. I figure what ever they eat is good for them.

Red-strawberries and tomatoes

Orange-carrots and cheeseaa(not pictured b/c it was consumed before photo)

Yellow- pineapple

Green-cucumber and celery

Purple- blueberries and plums

Brown-baked potato or bread sticks

I usually serve something super yummy like brownies for dessert. Anyway. Just wanted to share

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bird Craze

We would like you to meet the newest pet in our family. The craze begins and ends with best friends of ours. They have 4 birds and Gabbi loves playing with them when we go to their house. Anyway, her name is Gewel (pronounced Jewel) We had to keep in line with the G thing you know. She loves sitting on Gabbi's shoulder. We are all enjoying her. Enjoy the pictures.