Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thirteen on Thursday- D

1. Daughters- I have two and they are both so special to me. My bookends I call them. One in front and one caboose. Also, I am a daughter to the best dad on earth.
2. Dad- My stepfather is the man I call dad. Funny how you don't have to be realted to someone whom loves you and you love so much.
3. Diet- one four letter word I hate but should be on.
4. Dancer- I thought I had given that part of my life up after children but now my daughter has resurrected that area. I am now teaching dance to the sweetest 4 girls in my life.
5. Dogs- I have 2 and it is a like/hate relationship. I like that my kids have them but I hate having to care for them.
6. Deaf- I have partial hearing loss in my right ear. Now you know why I am so loud.
7. Debate- something I love to do about religion, politics and healty eating.
8. Desks- something my children NEVER sit at to do school.
9. Diapers- cloth to be exact. I love my cloth diapers. I am now offically a freak in the world of mommies.
10. Disappear- the way I feel sometimes. Just long enough to miss people. Then I shall return.
11. Diving- I HATE WATER. The deep ocean kind. Not the bathing kind. I would never choose to dive and or be in any situation that would call for me to have a breathing tank strapped to my back.
12. Dolls- I was never a doll girl but I have 2 girls whol LOVE their dolls. For my dd 10th birthday we went to Chicago just to see the American Girl doll factory. It was so fun. Now this January we are going to the American Girl facotry in Atlanta. So we LOVE our dolls 'round here.
13. Drama- with 4 children and a shiftwork husband I have more than I need in life. But I wouldn't change it for anything.