Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She is 2 already

Why is it that children take NO time growing up? Well our Gianna (Anna Rose) is now 2. It really is hard to believe that. We love her. Nothing else to it. Rottenness and all.
Just this morning Grayson said "Mom, it would boring without Anna. Quiet but boring." Well said Grayson. Sometimes as moms we want them to just be quiet. A wise mom (who had 4 in high school and college) shared with me that she would love to step on legos every once in a while. I promptly invited her over. :) Her point was, it all happend so quickly. Children grow up wether we want them to or not. Anna, slow down. But in the meantime I love the beautiful chaos you bring to our life. We wouldn't trade it for anything.

Many of you might not want to be bothered watching the Smilebox, if not, fine. It's here for the Grandparents who aren't close by.

Enjoy if you choose.

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