Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Menu for this week

Don't go into cardiac arrest. I am posting agian after 4 months for two reasons. First, I want to. Second I haven't had a digital camera in that long. I'll be posting on our most recent trip to Disney. The second one in 9 months. Sickness. Yes, we need a suppot group. I needed something easy to get me back into posting so here goes the menu..

Sunday- Superbowl dinner with the D's. Chilli, potatoes and LOTS of snacky foods. I also made chocoltae lovers cheesecake. YUMMY. No pictures to post.
Monday- Club sandwhiches, sweet potato fries, green beans and cupcakes
Tuesday- Chicken parmisgana, pasta, califlower
Wednesday-Turkey Gumbo, french bread, salad
Thursday-Tacos, yellow rice, corn
Friday- Three pizzas in honor of the Olympics, salad.