Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Menu for this week

Don't go into cardiac arrest. I am posting agian after 4 months for two reasons. First, I want to. Second I haven't had a digital camera in that long. I'll be posting on our most recent trip to Disney. The second one in 9 months. Sickness. Yes, we need a suppot group. I needed something easy to get me back into posting so here goes the menu..

Sunday- Superbowl dinner with the D's. Chilli, potatoes and LOTS of snacky foods. I also made chocoltae lovers cheesecake. YUMMY. No pictures to post.
Monday- Club sandwhiches, sweet potato fries, green beans and cupcakes
Tuesday- Chicken parmisgana, pasta, califlower
Wednesday-Turkey Gumbo, french bread, salad
Thursday-Tacos, yellow rice, corn
Friday- Three pizzas in honor of the Olympics, salad.


April said...

MMMMMMM! We will be there for dinner tonite! lol.
like you didn't have enough of us Sunday. btw, we finished off the cheesecake last night--YOU ARE A GREAT FRIEND.
love ya!

Amy said...

Glad to see you again Allison!! That cheesecake sounds delicious. We're having a chocolate dessert theme night for the dessert part of dinner at church Sunday night. Do you think you could send me the recipe? By the way, could you send me April's email address. When I sent out the field trip emails last, it came back incorrect but I had used that one before. Does she have a new email?

Tonja said...

hooray! you're back!!!

I want the cheesecake recipe, too, please :)