Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The pillowcase dress

I have always wanted to make a pillowcase dress. I sewed B.C. I used to love it. Well I finally got the Minnie dress done for baby G just in time to leave for Disney World on Sunday. Whatcha think? Oh, let me plug my honey. If it weren't for my hubby I wouldn't have been able to do this. He gave me an hour and lots of encouragement. I love you Pat.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lessons all over the place

Welcome back. No. Haven't been crying that long. 2 things.
1.) The save to draft button.......very important.
2.) Don't hit the back button. NEVER.

God is still on His throne. Amen? Well, the lessons keep on coming. God is doing so much in my life I am afraid if I post I might be considered "odd". OK if you know me, odder than normal. I struggle with time to do the things I want. Notice I didn't say need to do. There are just things in my day I would like to do and PBJ sandwiches and laundry aren't always it.

God is so faithful. Why His eyes stop on me I'll never know but His word says they do. He saw me that fateful day crying in my laundry room and He knew I needed a touch from Him. He touch was a small smack in the head with the Word. It goes something like this... Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.
We hear it alot but we need to be aware of the words AND the order.

Seek Him. We really could just stop there. Seek isn't passive. It is an action word. Seek Him by reading the Word, then just listen to what He says. He speaks to us by friends, pastors, spouses and if you are really bad like me, your children. OUCH.. Anyway. Seek Him and the things that please Him and then all these things. I believe when you spend your time seeking Him the other things just fall into place. I know this to be true. I cannot tell you I am in the Word like I want to be but I do spend more time talking and even more listening. Our pastor said that prayer should be the knee jerk reaction for a Christian. I believe he is right. I pray about the smallest and biggest things now. It pays.

Sounds strange but now I seem to have time for making baby food( hush I love doing it), playing games with the children and other things I never had time for. I told you none of this is for you. It is for me. I really am trying to live for the Lord. It is so hard because I seem to get in the way of Him all the time. I pray He sees my heart and finds it to be a worthy place to live. I want Him to have all the dried up, old way, empty places in there are bring His healing salve to it and renew it. If my heart is where He lives shouldn't I take more time preparing it than the "earth suit" I inhabit. Hmmmmmm..............................