Monday, January 12, 2009

The power of a name

Now if you thought I would be talking about Jesus I am not~ and I am. I have to share a story about what happened in church on Sunday. Something to ponder and be reminded of.

We were having our "grip and grin" time as we Baptists like to call it. During that time I sought out a Vietnamese woman who isn't saved and visiting our church. I said " Good morning Aay" pronounced long A. She grabbed my hand and said " you know my name." I went on to say I remembered meeting her one day and smiled. She went on to say "yes but when you said my name I got goose bumps."

Wow!!! Who knew just saying someones name can do that? Do we really take the time to KNOW someone and care about them. Do we look look them in the eye and care. I am challenging myself to not just do that at church but what about the lady checking out my groceries at Walmart or the librarian. I hope to give that feeling to those outside and INSIDE my house.

Do my kids know that I care about them and what they say!! Eye contact and real concern for others. It could change things big time.


Tracy said...

My husband is really good at this...(not KNOWing peoples names), but using them, like at stores when they have name tags on. It's funny to see their faces. They are thinking do I know him??? hhhhmmmm?

But that is a great point, you made!

weirfamilyblog said...

Excellent point. I need to start doing better at this!!