Saturday, January 17, 2009

365* (probably not but will try)-1

OK, January 17 2009. I recieved a digital camera for Christmas. After all the whining, complaining, huffing and sighing(see kids it does work) I got one. The only thing I have used it for is having a slide show for my my screen saver and facebook. Alas, the photographic inspiration of my fellow homeschooling moms(and fellow bloggers) has paid off. I have taken a shadow picture. Not great. Some of us don't have a 5 mm lens(or whatever it is that Tracy has) This is it. Here it goes. Be gentle with comments. My ego is still in post-birth mode. ;)


Tracy said...

Awesome job!

weirfamilyblog said...

I think this looks great!!! And hey...I don't have a fancy schmancy camera either. Nothing close!! Good job!

MamáChanga said...

I really like this shadow shot! Good job! And I really hope you continue to "play" along, I've found it to be fun, inspiring and eye-opening.

Hugs & Blessings!