Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nature walks and falling asleep

Nothing big to you but today was the first day my baby fell asleep without crying herself there. I am slightly attached parenting in my approach to mothering so letting her "cry it out" is hard for me. We are only doing it during the day and will tackle night next. I hope(fingers crossed) Pray for me.

OK. Nature walks. Charlotte Mason would be proud of me. I had so much fun with the boys just watching them watch nature. They picked up rocks, leaves and other things I told them NO to. Glass and bottle tops.

So sweet. They really DO love each other

My cutie and his "smooth" rock

Grayson about to kick an ant pile. Boys.

No sisters on this walk. Just the boys.
Lord thank you for opportunity to teach my children and watch them grow and learn. I am humbled daily by the task and hope to do it to your glory.


Tracy said...

Awesome on Baby G! Praying for the night!

How fun for the boys! And what a good mom to take pictures!!!! YEAH!

Diana said...

Just come across your blog. Just thought i'd say 'Hi' before i go off to read more.
I to find it difficult to let my children cry. Just persevere. They all eventually get there in their own time.
Your boys look like they had a lot of fun on their nature walk. My boys also love anything to do with the outdoors.


weirfamilyblog said...

So glad to hear little missy is doing better with the crying. I will pray the night time goes easy for you!!!

It is definitely beautiful weather for the nature walks. Looks like the boys really enjoyed themselves!!