Monday, March 2, 2009


What in the world.........Ok let me explain. To you this is just a picture but no. To us it is the wonderful way to countdown our days to the Happiest place on earth. This is a picture of our Disney Chain. It represents the 62 days left until our trip. It helps to let the children "see" what 62 days looks like. When you go every two years you need to spice things up some. We each wrote what we cannot wait to do, ride or remember about the trip. Craziness I know. I would put a ticker on here if I knew how. Tracy, HELP!!!!


Ms.Zookeeper said...

I want to go!!! Our trip is too far away to start counting down. It would just make us sad. One tip--whatever you do, run, don't walk, go straight to the new Toy Story ride in MGM. It is the best!
p.s. loved the hair!

weirfamilyblog said...

Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so EXCITED for y'all!!!!!!! I'm going to try to find the site that I got my countdown from. Yikes. I didn't save it. If I find it, I will email it to you though!!!!

Definitely go STRAIGHT to Toy Story Mania. It is AWESOME!!! Your kiddos will LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

weirfamilyblog said...

I found it...that quick. Sorry.

You'll build a countdown however you want and then you copy and paste the code it gives you. Hope that helps!!!