Friday, August 28, 2009

14 B's

OK April, you are on. Here is my 14 on Friday.

1. Bible- I love it and don't read it enough. It is my roadmap for life. I strive to hide it in my heart.
2. Barraco- my last name.
3. Babies- I have 4. All different sizes and ages. I always wanted 6.
4. Braces- never had them and I have had straight teeth my whole life.
5. Backflips- what I used to be able to do in gymnastics. Not anymore.
6. Backpacks- things I don't have to pack so my children can go to school in the morning.
7. Blogging- I'm new to it and not that great at it. It keeps the families informed and hopefully feeling they are more connected to us from far away.
8. Baker- self professed. I LOVE to bake but NEVER without a recipe.
9. Ballet- I danced for over 18 years. Now my daughter(who has never taken one class) is obsessed with. I even bought her toe shoes (four sizes too small to ensure she can't put them on her feet) to decorate her room with. It has made me nostalgic to remember those days.
10. Balloon- I HATE THEM. All kinds. They are hopsital visits waiting to happen.
11. BBQ- love to eat it. Hate to smell like it.
12. Bells- the sound I love to hear at Christmas.
13. Bath- something I don't get everyday since having a baby and a shiftwork husband.
14. Blessings- Too many in my life to count. I could try but would run out of time. Thank you Lord for being better to me than I deserve.


Jenn said...

These are great!!!! Love your balloon one! I agree....although I do find myself letting my little ones have them.

April said...

haha! you were up for the challenge, and in great form, i might add!
so glad you're a self-professed baker AND that you can't do backflips anymore--that would put undue stress on our friendship if i had to tell you to keep your feet below your head . . .too. . .your 14 were better than mine.(pout) love ya!