Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday 13- A's

I am such a rule breaker. I saw my friend Jenn posting this 13 thing and loved it. Now I want to play. (said whining) So I'm not in any official group so I'm gonna play on my own terms. Plus I am waaaaay to type A to start with F. So here it goes.

1. Allison- my name
2. April- the name of my sister and BF
3. Altha- my mom's name
4. ADD- the medical term for the way my brain functions
5. American- and darn proud of it
6. Amazed- at how fast children grow
7. Addict- my relatioship with chocolate
8. Admire- the way I look at people who aren't loud like me
9. Abdomen- the part of my body that may NEVER recover from 4 children
10. Above- the direction of my face looks most days
11. Adress- have lived at my current one the longest in my marriage of 14 years
12. Ant- what I currently have crawing through a kitchen window and won't let my hubby kill with pestisides
13. Attitude- well let's just end with enough said

That was fun and hard. Y'all play too.


Jenn said...

These were great girl!! Glad you're playing along. Love the abdomen one...too funny. And I assume you just don't want to kill the poor ants??

If you want to link up to the MckLinky thing on Kimber's blog...go for it. It lets people know you are playing along!!

Amy said...

Very good Allison!!! You came up with some clever A's.

April said...

you want me to PLAY???? you know i don't do GAMES. lol. but this is wordy so it may work . . . .we shall see. going off to write my rough draft NOW. ;-)

Tracy said... you! But I am just glad your blogging! :)

We are in Alabama now....stop by on your way to Disney!