Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Family is Growing......

Now I know all of you think you getting great news about a new Barraco baby but...........sorry :(

We just started our new garden. Just one more of my green living ways to check off my wish list. We are going the Square Foot Garden type.

I have dragged my butt long enough. I have always wanted to have a garden but NEVER had the time/money or desire to dig up the hard Louisiana soil. I have had the box built for a month. I also have had dying vegetable on my patio table crying out to me daily to keep them alive. It took me this long to get my soil. It didn't cost much. I cannot wait to see my veggies start to grow. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, bell pepper and marigold to keep 'squitos away. We plan to put in pumpkins in July for the fall and some other things. I also plan on putting in a box for the children. I might tye in an object lesson on sin being like weeds in a garden. If we don't confess our sin or pull out the weeds in our garden it chokes life. Hmmmmmm.

I'll keep you updated on the growing. Of children and veggies.

2 posts in a day. Don't faint y'all.

I took pictures but cannot find my cord to upload. Grrrrrr. I'll post some before/afters when I find the cord. TTFN


Tracy said...


Yeah for your garden...we have tomatoes, squash and cukes.

Amy said...

Yes, I was one of those who thought that there might another on the way. However, the garden sounds great. We would like to do one too but this is not the year with all of the things we have going on at the new house right now. Maybe we can look in to it for next year.

Jenn said...

Can't wait to see the pics. I've always said I want a garden, but I know my thumb is brown and not green!!!! Maybe in the fall I'll try my shot at it.

knit1kids4 said...

Did you use Mel's mix? Can I ask how much it cost you? We were going to do this but decided not to because of cost... on to next year.