Thursday, August 4, 2011

A flip flop party

So.  The baby has gone and turned 3.  I didn't give her permission.  As a matter of fact she has completely disobeyed me.  I told her NOT to.  She went and did it any way. 

I don't know a happier, more lively 3 year old.  She is sweet.  She loves people, animals, princesses, babies, legos, pirates..... Very well rounded for a toddler.  Don't you think?  She makes my heart dance when she giggles.  She is even adorable when she's sleeping. 

When you have family that lives more than an hour away from you, it affords you more than one birthday party.  To tell the truth, she is having three parties.  How fitting.  The party being blogged about now, took place at my Father in Law's house.  They have a beautiful set up with a covered pool.  It takes some of the heat away from those in the pool.  Those NOT in the pool, just sweat to death. 

    Miss Rose asked for a flip flop cake.  So mom delivers.  I am NOT a professional but I figure mother's love makes up for the ugly factor.  That and I know exactly what ingredients when into that cake.  The brown "sand" is graham cracker crumbs, fondant flip flops under umbrellas and a boogie board.  I tried to create waves in the blue icing.  Remember......a mother's love.  OK.

   We had 9 children and my 19 yo nephew.  8 of those 9 children belong to me and my besite.  Here we are.    She is such a joy, blessing and I'm so thankful that the Lord though best we were friends. 
Here are all the children at the party

Happy Birthday my Rose.  I pray the Lord has a long, blessed life for you.  He has already blessed me so much with you.  Even in these short 3 years.  I love you

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April said...

It was a sweet day for a sweet little girl who takes after her sweet mama.
Love you all to pieces. Thanks for including us in the "framily". :)