Thursday, April 7, 2011

Post office field trip....

weeks ago Since then we have done a couple of field trips, a Homeschool speech and debate competetion, pinewood derby, and the caterpillar craze has begun for this year. 

Well, I shall begin with our field trip to the post office.  I can honestly say that I didn't do this field trip to be "enlightened".  I thought it was boring but I did happen to love the ladies going on this so, we go. 

Here is Anna Rose and her sweet friend Sarah enjoying some girl time.
Here is our crew.  YES, I am holding a baby (far right).  Not mine (though I would take him in a minute)  He belongs to my sweet friend Amy.  Love you baby Issac.

just a few of the sweet little ones.
Now on to the park

My hubby and some other monkeys.    My Rose, isn't she sweet.


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Amy said...

Ok, I didn't think it was boring. The kids did get to see some of the postal workers and learn. The other group didn't get to see any of those things that we got to see because their were not workers there when they went. I did enjoy the park and visiting with you and the others. I think Isaac was very cozy in "Auntie Allie's" arms/sling :)