Monday, February 14, 2011

365-42, 43, 44, 45

We are back.  Waiting on the white cell count of one of my boys to get withing "normal" range but we seem to be at the end of this.  Thanks for your sweet prayers for my family. 
These are some Meyer lemons from my mom's tree.  Almost as sweet and as big as oranges.  I love these. 

My G boy painting his submarine for the AWANA Grand Prix. 

This is my homemade cupcake BEFORE

and AFTER.  Not bad I guess.  Hope your day is filled with love, not just today but everyday.  With a love that only the Lord can supply. 


April said...

uhm, what's going on with the BOYS?
feeling somewhat OUT of the LOOP here.
hope your heart is happy. missu.

Tracy said...

LOL on the BF & AF. Glad everyone is better!

ottszoo said...

that is one sweet cupcake face!

Kristal said...

The cupcakes look yummy!

Glad everyone is getting better

Anita said...

Love the after shot! The cupcakes look very tasty, as do the lemons. Hope everyone gets better soon.

Christine said...

Hi, Allison, I'm just browsing your images from the past week. I just love these, especially the before/after of the cupcake. What a sweet sweet chocolate face! :)