Monday, October 11, 2010

Confessions of a Mouse Junkie

My name is Allison Barraco and I love Disney World. Whew.... I feel better now. That may not come as a huge shock to some of you but my family and I LOVE the mouse world. We are planning another trip this year to Disney to see the Christmas decorations. I have my cool little vacation ticker on my blog helping us countdown.

We have been in November 05, April 07, May 09, Feb 10 and now Dec 10. So this will be my first time seeing Disney in lights. I've seen in pictures how beautiful it is and cannot wait to experience it in real life.

My family of 6 plus my mom, dad and nephew (18 yo) will all be there. We are staying at the Caribbean Beach resort (which have never been to) The children are so excited I don't know about you but I love looking in the eyes of children as they look at Christmas lights. The reflection is breathtaking.

We usually make a chain to help the children countdown. Yesterday we were at 60 days. Each family member wrote down 10 things they cannot wait to do. So everyday we take a link off the chain and read whatever that person wrote. It is a great way to countdown to ANYTHING fun.
It also helps the children to see what 60 days looks like.

So, to add to the madness every Monday I'll post our Hidden Mickey Monday picture. Kind of like Wordless Wednesday. (which I am not very good at) But this will be all about our hidden Mickey's. I hope you enjoy and if not NO NASTY COMMENTS. Have a magical day :)


April said...

glad you're planning to be posting again! :)

Amy said...

You are hilarious, Mouse Junkie!!! Hope to see you soon :)

Amy said...

You are hilarious, Mouse Junkie!!! Hope to see you soon :)

Catie D. said...

This is an official not-nasty comment. I cannot say anything more for fear of making it something else. :)